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Workshop Details

Workshop Title: Posture Assessment, Therapy and for Pain Relief Performance and Aging Well in Naples
Speaker: Steven Weiniger
Start Date:12/9/2017 End Date: 12/10/2017
CEU Hours: 12
Location: Naples, FL United States
Event: Florida Chiropractic Association
Target Audience:
Posture sets the baseline for all activity and though often neglected, is an important, actionable indicator of health and performance. With topics like &S220;Sitting is the new smoking&S221; and &S220;tech-neck&S221; trending in media, posture is a growing concern in our slumping society, especially for those suffering with back and neck pain. StrongPosture&<74; rehabilitative protocols correct sensory-motor errors by correlating perceived posture and motion with external reality using low-tech equipment (balls, bands, foam rolls, etc.). Tools like digital photos set an objective benchmark to observe the disparity between how people believe themselves to be standing, and the truth told by a picture. Next, evidence supported Balance-Alignment-Motion exercise protocols systematically train symmetry of core control and functional movement for standing, sitting, moving and competing. Experience for yourself this dynamic, hands-on group training and learn step-by-step postural assessment and rehab procedures. Monday morning you&S217;ll be ready to join chiropractors, therapists and trainers globally who engage people with attentional focus and retrain muscle and joint control for neuromusculoskeletal pain management, performance, fall prevention, workplace wellness and active aging. Dr. Steven Weiniger has shown thousands of professionals how to: &S226; Thrive even in the most competitive markets. &S226; Attract more new patients. &S226; Stand out in the community.
Sponsor: Performance Health Institute
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