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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is the answer to your frequently-asked question:



TheraBand Wall Station: Frequently Asked Questions
Can I exercise the same muscle with elastic resistance on consecutive days?
Can I install the wall-mounted unit myself?
Can patients purchase a Wall Station for personal use?
Do I have to use the tubing included with the Wall Station/ Rehab & Wellness Station?
Does the Rehab & Wellness Station require a special type of flooring for optimal use?
Does the Wall Station come with exercises and protocols?
How do I order replacement accessories or tubing?
How do I transition patients from a clinic-based to a home-based exercise program?
How many individual lengths of tubing can I attach to the wall unit?
How many levels of tubing are included with the Wall Station?
How much does the Wall Station cost?
How much force is produced by the tubing?
What code do I use for billing patients for Thera-Band bands & tubing?
Is the Wall Station covered by a warranty?
Is there another website with more information on the Wall Station?
What’s the difference between the Wall Station and pulley machines?
What does your system offer that other wall-mounted systems don’t?
What accessories are included with the Wall Station?
What are the numbered charts on the side of the unit for?
What comes with the Wall Station?
What does “multi-planar” mean?
When should I replace the tubing?
Why are different lengths of tubing provided with the Wall Station/ Rehab & Wellness Station?