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Key study  Hubbard TJ, Denegar CR. 2004. Does Cryotherapy Improve Outcomes With Soft Tissue Injury? J Athl Train 39(3):278-279.
Akin MD et al. 2001. Continuous low-level topical heat in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. Ostet Gynecol 97(3):343-9
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Tyler T et al 2017. Complimentary management of pain and functioning with a multimodal non-pharmacological Pain Relief Kit among patients recovering from orthopedic surgery with bone drilling over a 4-week duration (Abstract). J Perform Health Res. 1(2):1-2
Tyler T et al. 2016. The usability and satisfaction rating of the THERA°PEARL for home treatment (Abstract). J Performance Health 1(1):63-4
Yilmaz et al. 2017. The effects of local cold application on fibromyalgia pain. Int J Rheum Dis. 1-6.


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