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Key study indicates Key Reseach

Key study  Doherty et al. 2017. Treatment and prevention of acute and recurrent ankle sprain: an overview of systematic reviews with meta-analysis. Br J Sports Med. 51(2):113-125.
Key study  Tamura K, et al. 2017. The effects of ankle braces and taping on lower extremity running kinematics and energy expenditure in healthy, non-injured adults Gait Posture. Jul 18;58:108-114. [Epub ahead of print]
Key study  Vuurberg G et al 2018. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ankle sprains: update of an evidence-based clinical guideline. Br J Sports Med. 52(15):956
Key study  Willeford K et al. 2018. Collegiate Football Players' Ankle Range of Motion and Dynamic Balance in Braced and Self-Adherent-Taped Conditions J Athl Train 53(1):66-71.
Barbanera et al 2014. Semi-rigid brace and taping decrease variability of the ankle joint position sense Motriz Rev Educ Fis 20:448-53
Barbosa GM et al 2018. Ankle taping and bracing does not change static and dynamic balance in volleyball players Sport Sci Health Ahead of print
Barkoukis V et al 2002. Effectiveness of taping and bracing in balance. Percept Mot Skills. 94(2):566-74.
Bragg RW et al 2002. Failure and fatigue characteristics of adhesive athletic tape. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 34(3):403-10.
Broglio SP et al. 2009. The influence of ankle support on postural control. J Sci Med Sport. 12(3):388-92.
Chang HY et al 2018. Prophylactic Kinesio taping enhances balance for healthy collegiate players. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 58(5):651-658
Cordova M et al 2005. Effects of ankle support on lower-extremity functional performance: a meta-analysis. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 37(4):635-41.
Cordova M et al 2002. Efficacy of Prophylactic Ankle Support: An Experimental Perspective. J Athl Train. 37(4):446-457.
Cordova M et al 2010. Influence of external ankle support on lower extremity joint mechanics during drop landings. J Sport Rehabil. 19(2):136-48.
DeMaio et al. 1992. Chronic lateral ankle instability--inversion sprains: Part I. Orthopedics. 15(1):87-96.
Deschamps K et al 2016. Effect of taping on foot kinematics in persons with chronic ankle instability J Sci Med Sport 19(7):541-6
Dingenen et al. 2017. Effect of taping on multi-segmental foot kinematic patterns during walking in persons with chronic ankle instability. J Sci Med Sport. 20(9):835-840.
Dizon JM, Reyes JJ. 2010. A systematic review on the effectiveness of external ankle supports in the prevention of inversion ankle sprains among elite and recreational players. J Sci Med Sport. 13(3):309-17.
Ekstrand et al. 1983. Prevention of soccer injuries. Supervision by doctor and physiotherapist. Am J Sports Med. 11(3):116-20.
Farquharson et al. 2017. Kinesiology tape mediates soccer-simulated and local peroneal fatigue in soccer players. Res Sports Med. 25(3):313-321.
Garrick & Requa 1973. Role of external support in the prevention of ankle sprains MSSE 5(3):200-3
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