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Key study indicates Key Reseach

Key study  Andersson SH et al 2017. Preventing overuse shoulder injuries among throwing athletes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in 660 elite handball players. Br J Sports Med 51:1073-1080
Key study  Annelies M et al. 2016. Scapular muscle activity in a variety of plyometric exercises. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 28;27:39-45
Key study  Baum EE et al 2003. Effectiveness of a group exercise program in a long-term care facility: a randomized pilot trial J Am Med Dir Assoc 4(2):74-80
Key study  Beard D. J. et al 1994. Proprioception enhancement for anterior cruciate ligament deficiency The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 76-B(4):654-659
Key study  Ellenbecker TS, et al. 2015. Muscular activation during plyometric exercises in 90 of glenohumeral joint abduction Sports Health 7(1):75-9
Key study  Fernandez J et al. 2013. Effects of a 6-week junior tennis conditioning program on service velocity J Sports Sci Med 12:232-239.
Key study  Kronhed A.-C. G. et al 2001. The effect of short-term balance training on community-dwelling older adults J Aging Phys Activ 9:19-31
Key study  Levine S et al 2000. A strenuous exercise program benefits patients with mild to moderate Parkinson's disease Clin Exerc Physiol 2(1):43-48
Key study  Wedderkopp N et al. 1999. Prevention of injuries in young female players in European team handball. A prospective intervention study Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 9:41-47
Bishop B et al. 2007. Low Tech Rehab of High Level Athletes Proceedings of the 9th Annual TRAC Meeting. Budapest, Hungary. p. 6-8
Bomgardner R 2004. Basic prevention techniques to reduce soccer injuries NSCA's Performance Training Journal 3(3):10-15
Borsa PA et al 1994. Functional assessment and rehabilitation of shoulder proprioception for glenohumeral instability J Sport Rehabil 3:84-104
Carter AB et al. 2007. Effects of high volume upper extremity plyometric training on throwing velocity and functional strength ratios of the shoulder rotators in collegiate baseball players. J Strength Cond Res. 21(1):208-15
Chmielewski TL et al. 2006. Plyometric Exercise in the Rehabilitation of Athletes: Physiological Responses and Clinical Application J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 36(5):308-319
Cho JH et al 2018. Effect of intradialytic exercise on daily physical activity and sleep quality in maintenance hemodialysis patients Int Urol Nephrol Apr;50(4):745-754
Clark K. N 2004. Balance and strength training for obese individuals ACSM Health & Fitness Journal 8(1):14-20
Conti, M et al. 2009. Post-operative rehabilitation after surgical repair of the rotator cuff Musculoskeletal Surg 2009;93:S55-S63
Cordasco FA et al. 1996. An electromyographic analysis of the shoulder during a medicine ball rehabilitation program Am J Sports Med 24(3):386-92
Davies G, et al. 2015. Current concepts of plyometric exercise Int J Sports Phys Ther 10(6):760-788
Davies GJ, et al 2002. Powering up Biomechanics 9(9):19-28
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