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Key study  Colado J et al. 2009. Effects of local muscular endurance training with elastic bands and aquatic resistance devices on health and fitness in postmenopausal women. (Abstract). Proceedings of the 11th Annual TRAC Meeting. Cancun, Mexico. July 25-27, 2009, p. 24.
Key study  Colado JC et al. 2009. Effects of aquatic resistance training on health and fitness in postmenopausal women Eur J Appl Physiol 106:113-122
APTA SOG Task Force on Exercise 2006. Exercise and physical activity for older adults: curriculum content guidelines Gerinotes 12(6):11-14
Assis MR, et al. 2006 . A randomized controlled trial of deep water running: clinical effectiveness of aquatic exercise to treat fibromyalgia. Arthritis Rheum 55(1):57-65.
Bailey EK, Gangaway JMK 2007. Aquatic Based Exercise Effective as Land-Based Exercise in Creating a Cardio-Respiratory Effect in Normal Individuals J Aquatic Phys Ther 15(1):2-10
Bizzini M, et al 2006. Lateral meniscus repair in a professional ice hockey goaltender: a case report with a 5-year follow-up. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 36(2):89-100
Borjesson SR et al. 2006. The Effects of Water Temperature on Rating of Perceived Exertion during Pregnancy (Abstract) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 38(5) Supplement May:S356
Borreani S et al. 2014. Aquatic resistance training: acute and chronic effects Strength Cond J 36(3):48-
Borreani S, et al. 2014. Muscle activation in young men during a lower limb aquatic resistance exercise with different devices Phys Sportsmed 42(2):80-7
Brooks T. J. 2003. Women's Collegiate Gymnastics: A multifactorial Approach to Training and Conditioning Strength and Conditioning Journal 25(2):23-37
Clark K. N 2004. Balance and strength training for obese individuals ACSM Health & Fitness Journal 8(1):14-20
Colado JC et al 2016. Effects of a long-term resistance training program with different intensities and devices on fitness, body composition, cardiometabolic risk, immune system, and wellbeing of older adults (Abstract). J Performance Health 1(1):14-15
Colado JC, Tella V, Triplett NT, González LM. 2009 . Effects of a short-term aquatic resistance program on strength and body composition in fit young men J Strength Cond Res 23(2):549-59.
Colado JC, Triplett NT. 2009. Monitoring the intensity of aquatic resistance exercises with devices that increase the drag force: an update. Strength Cond J 31(3):94-100.
Crussemeyer JA 2003. A comparison of active hip and knee joint ROM during treadmill walking and deep water running (abstract) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 35(5):S243
Dale RB 2007. Deep Water Running for Injured Runners Athletic Therapy Today 12(2):8-10
Edwards SM et al 2003. Self-perceived health and physical function following water exercise for seniors with lower limb osteoarthritis (abstract) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 35(5):S358
Escalante Y et al 2011. Effects of exercise on functional aerobic capacity in lower limb osteoarthritis: a systematic review. J Sci Med Sport 14(3):190-8
Fitzgerald G.K. et al 2002. Agility and Perturbation Training for a Physically Active Individual with Knee Osteoarthritis Physical Therapy 82(4):372-382
Franchella JE et al. 2006. Physiological and Clinical Responses of Sistematic Aquatic Physical Activity Sessions in Stroke Patients (Abstract) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 38(5) Supplement May:S421-S422
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