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Thera-Band Resources: FAQ

Product : TheraBand CLX
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FAQ Title
Short Description
Can I attach my TheraBand CLX to an object like a weight machine or bench?

Can I use multiple CLXs in my exercises?

Can I use my TheraBand CLX as a suspension product like TRX?
How do I clean and care for my TheraBand CLX?
How do I cut the CLX to a specific length?
How do I download the free TheraBand CLX app?
How do I hold the TheraBand CLX?
How do you create seals in the CLX?
How durable is the CLX compared to regular resistance bands?
How far can I stretch my CLX?
How should I examine my TheraBand CLX?
Is there a website for the TheraBand CLX and what does it have on it?
Should I wear eye protection while using my TheraBand CLX?
What are the resistances of the CLX?
What does CLX stand for?
What is the TheraBand CLX made of?