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Academy Title:colado2010
Research Article: A comparison of elastic tubing and isotonic resistance exercises
Dr. Juan Carlos Colado of the University of Valencia in Spain has published several excellent research papers on the effectiveness of Thera-Band® elastic resistance for fitness. In particular, he and his colleagues have shown that elastic resistance is as effective as isotonic machines for increasing strength in middle-aged women (Colado & Triplett 2008). In addition, they showed that elastic resistance exercise intensity can be regulated using “perceived exertion.”

Dr. Colado has continued his scientific investigations on the efficacy of elastic resistance, this time comparing free weight exercise training to elastic tubing exercises using the Thera-Band Exercise Station. His results are published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. 42 women were randomly assigned to either a free weight exercise group, a Thera-Band exercise group, or a non-exercising control group. The two exercise groups performed the same 15 upper and lower body exercises using the OMNI perceived exertion scale to standardize intensity between the groups. The intervention lasted eight weeks for two to four sessions per week. Subjects were tested for muscular strength before and after the training program.

After the eight week program, both exercise groups reported up to 29% improvement in upper and lower body strength, while the control group did not. There was no significant difference in improvements between the two exercise groups. The researchers concluded, “…the use of elastic tubing in strength training in young adults is effective and can yield results that are equivalent to those obtained with weight machines and free weights.”

One of the most important advantages of the Exercise Station is the fact that there is no need for multiple weights, barbells or dumbbells of varying resistance. The Exercise Station, combined with a Thera-Band® Pro Series SCP Exercise Ball provides all the resistance necessary for an effective strength training program. It requires no more than a 6’x6’ space and can easily be placed under a bed or against a wall when not in use.

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