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Academy Title:Imai2011
Research Article: Intensity of circuit training in community-dwelling older adults using the Thera-Band Exercise Station. (Abstract).
Intensity Of Circuit Training In Community-dwelling Older Adults Using The Thera-Band Exercise Station

Aiko Imai, Daisuke Koizumi, Nobuo Takeshima, Nicole L. Rogers, Michael E. Rogers

A well-rounded exercise program is recommended for older adults to improve health and maintain independence. PURPOSE: This study was conducted to determine if a concurrent aerobic and resistance circuit exercise program using the Thera-Band exercise station (TBE) provides an adequate aerobic and resistance training stimulus. METHODS: Twenty-six apparently healthy, community-dwelling older men and women (68.4±6 yr) aged 60-83 years were recruited for this study. The exercise program was a 12-wk circuit training program, 3 sessions per wk, and 50 min per session which included 30 min of aerobic and resistance exercise. Thirteen individual exercise stations were designed to perform resistance exercise and 13 aerobic dancing stages were arranged alternatively in a circuit manner. All exercises were performed by subjective voluntary effort of the participants. Heart rate reserve (HRR) was measured using a portable monitor during exercise. Resistance exercise was performed with elastic resistance on the TBE and force production was evaluation using the equation of Page et al. (2000). A rating of perceived exertion (RPE) was determined during both aerobic and resistance exercises. The first stage was 1 to 4 wk, the second stage was 5 to 8 wk, and final stage was 9 to 12 wk of the program. Exercise intensity was determined during stages 2 and 3. RESULTS: Mean HRR during aerobic dance exercise was 50 to 60% (stage 2: 52±14%; stage 3: 61±14%). HRR also increased from stage 2 to stage 3. Means for repetitions, force, and RPE during resistance exercise were 20 times/30sec, 8.4kg, and 13 in squat; 27, 3.5, and13 in arm curl; 26, 3.2, and 13 in elbow extension; 25, 2.2, and 13 in lateral rise; 26, 5.8, and 13 in upright row; 16, 2.9 and 12 in low back extension; and 29, 2.9, 12 in twist, respectively, during stage 3. CONCLUSIONS: Exercise intensity during TBE training provided an adequate aerobic stimulus as participants were exercising at 60% HRR. Participants were also able to achieve a low to moderate intensity during resistance exercise. These data have relevance to activity counseling in community-dwelling healthy older adults who desire to improve their cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness.

Imai A, et al. 2011. Intensity of circuit training in community-dwelling older adults using the Thera-Band Exercise Station. (Abstract). Med Sci Sports Exerc. 43(5):S356.

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