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Academy Title:rogers2011-acsm
Research Article: Response to circuit exercise training using the Thera-Band Exercise Station in Older Adults. (Abstract).
Response to Circuit Exercise Training Using the Thera-Band Exercise Station in Older Adults

Michael E. Rogers, FACSM, Nobuo Takeshima, Aiko Imai

PURPOSE: The aim of this project was to evaluate the effects of a 12-wk community-based circuit exercise training program using the Thera-Band Exercise Station on fitness in older men and women. Results of this study were also compared to our previous study of a similar program using hydraulic exercise machines. METHODS: Following baseline measurements of functional fitness, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength and flexibility, participants were divided into: Thera-Band Exercise Station exercise group (EG; n=22; 67.7±4.7 yr) and a non-exercise control group (n=17; 70.3±9.1 yr). The EG participated in a 12-wk circuit training program, 3 sessions/wk and 50 min/session. Each session was led by trained fitness instructors and supervised by the researchers. The exercise program consisted of stretching and warm-up exercise (10 min), circuit training (30 min), and cool-down/relaxation exercise (10 min). Twelve strength exercises designed to work all major muscle groups and 12 aerobic dance exercises were performed alternatively in a circuit manner each for 30 s with a heart rate of 100-110 bpm. The control group was instructed to continue their normal activity patterns. After 12 wk, all measurements were repeated in both groups. RESULTS: Following the 12-wk program, the EG increased (p<0.05) 30-sec arm curl (15.2%), 30-sec chair stand (12.5%), time up-and-go (8.1%), functional reach (4.9%), 12-min walk (5.3%), and sit-and-reach (24.7%). Although body weight did not change, fat (kg) decreased by 3.4% for the EG. Attendance for the exercise sessions was 87%. There were no changes in any variables for the control group. Previously, we published (Takeshima et al., 2004) results of a similar circuit training program using hydraulic exercise machines in 18 older adults (68.3±4.9 yr). Results were not different between these two programs. CONCLUSIONS: Incorporating both aerobic and resistance training via the Thera-Band Exercise Station is an effective means to improve multiple aspects of fitness with a single exercise program when performed at a moderate intensity. These results indicate that the Thera-Band Exercise Station elicits significant improvements of fitness in older adults and these improvements are similar to those resulting from use of larger and more expensive hydraulic exercise machines.

Rogers, et al. 2011. Response to circuit exercise training using the Thera-Band Exercise Station in Older Adults. (Abstract). Med Sci Sports Exerc. 43(5):S356.

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