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Pro Series Exercise Ball Ankle Balance & Proprioception

Created By: The Academy

Basic exercises using the Exercise Ball to improve ankle proprioception and balance.

Perform these exercises under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. Certain exercises may not be appropriate for every individual, while other exercises may be indicated. All exercises should be performed painfree.
CPT Code: 97110 or 97112

Pro Series Exercise Ball Wall Squat

Thera-Band Pro Series Exercise Ball Wall Squat
Begin with ball behind your back and stabilized on wall. Keep neck and pelvis in neutral. Perform a squat by bending knees, lowering pelvis and rolling ball downward. Hold and slowly return.

Pro Series Exercise Ball Sitting Hip Flexion

Pro Series Exercise Ball Sitting Hip Flexion
Sit on ball with back in neutral position. Tighten abdominals while flexing hip. Return and repeat on other side. Keep ball stable and avoid rounding back.

Pro Series Exercise Ball Front Squat

Thera-Band Exericse Ball Squat
Stand with your exercise ball in your outstretched arms. Place your feet a shoulder-width apart. Squat down by bending your hips and knees while keeping your back straight. Hold and slowly return.
VARIATION: Perform squat on one leg.

Pro Series Exercise Ball Bridge Hip Lift Stabilization

Exercise Ball Bridge Hip Lift Stabe
Lay on ball in bridge position. Keep back stabilized and hips aligned with trunk. Slowly lift one knee upward, flexing the hip. Be careful not to let the hips drop down. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat on other leg.

Pro Series Exercise Ball Sitting Arm & Leg

Thera-Band Pro Series Exercise Ball Sitting Arm & Leg
Sit on ball with pelvis and neck in neutral. Lift arm and opposite leg, keeping them straight. Alternate with opposite arm and leg and repeat. Don’t allow ball to move.
Purchase Products Used in this Exercise Routine:
Purchase Exercise Ball.

Consult your healthcare provider before beginning this exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. The Hygenic Corporation is not liable for any injuries incurred while using exercises or programs accessed via this website. User must wear suitable eye protection such as safety goggles to protect against possibility of eye injury as a result of the band or tube snapping towards the face if grip is lost or if the band or tube breaks.

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