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Pulley Shoulder Abduction (Scaption )in Sitting

Helps increase abduction range of motion in the scapular plane

Pulley Shoulder Abduction (Scaption )in Sitting
Attach pulley securely over the top of the door. Sit with your uninjured side closest to the door. Grasp one handle with your elbow straight on the injured side; keep the arm to your side slightly in front of your body. Grasp the other handle with your uninjured side and pull down while stretching the involved arm upward. Hold and repeat.
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Consult your healthcare provider before beginning this exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. The Hygenic Corporation is not liable for any injuries incurred while using exercises or programs accessed via this website. User must wear suitable eye protection such as safety goggles to protect against possibility of eye injury as a result of the band or tube snapping towards the face if grip is lost or if the band or tube breaks.

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