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Aguilar-Ferrandiz et al. 2014

A randomized controlled trial of a mixed Kinesio taping– compression technique on venous symptoms, pain, peripheral venous flow, clinical severity and overall health status in postmenopausal women with chronic venous insufficiency


The initial procedure to enhance gastrocnemius muscle activation applied one Y-shaped strip (black) on the medial gastrocnemius and another on the lateral gastrocnemius. Patients were in prone position and the tape direction was from origin to insertion at tensions ranging from 15% to 50%. The taping was per- formed following the muscle anatomy with the appropriate tension and leaving the ends of the strips tension-free. In order to stimulate dorsal flexion, the patient was placed in supine position for Kinesio taping functional correction of the ankle, measuring and cutting an I-strip (blue) at maximum dorsiflexion and applied with 50% tension. Next, two tapes (blue and black) were placed with 50% tension at malleolar level in order to exert peripheral venous compression. The treatment was performed three times a week during a four-week period.

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