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Alvarez-Alvarez et al. 2014

Effects of Kinesio Tape in low back muscle fatigue: Randomized, controlled, doubled-blinded clinical trial on healthy subjects


Tape applied in the form of an “I” on either side of the lumbar spine, from the sacroiliac joint to the ipsilateral transverse process of T12. Length of the tape was measured first in comfortable standing. The first and last 2.5 to 5 cm of tape were applied with 0% stretch in standing while the rest of the tape was applied in a position of unforced maximum trunk flexion with a tension of between 10% and 15% corresponding to the tension of the material on its protective paper. Throughout application knees were maintained in full extension with feet together. Both strips were applied at the same time in order to minimize duration of stretch in the lower back musculature.  

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