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Boguszewski et al. 2013

Evaluation of effectiveness of kinesiology taping as an adjunct to rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Preliminary report.


An application was placed on the skin in the form of a Y-shaped tape with a lengthened base. The base of the tape was applied (no tension) at the anterior inferior iliac spine to- wards the muscle tendon junction; tape tails were subsequently placed around the patella, and, finally, their ends being placed (no tension) at the tibial tuberosity. The tape was stretched by 15-50% and stuck in the proximal-to-distal direction using a tech- nique to support the quadriceps muscle of thigh. I-shaped tapes were placed laterally and medially in the lower limb to stimulate mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors. The knee joint was maintained in the neutral position; the base of the tape was placed (no tension) below the popliteal fossa and around the calf; the medial part of the tape, starting from the tibial tuberosity up to the femoral condyles, was stretched between 75 and 100%; the end part of the application was placed without tension. Tape was changed every 7 days.

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