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Chou YH et al. 2012

Case report: Manual lymphatic drainage and kinesio taping in the secondary malignant breast cancer-related lymphedema in an arm with arteriovenous (A-V) fistula for hemodialysis.

Finnerty S, et al. 2010

Audit of the use of kinesiology tape for breast oedema

Pekyavas NO et al. 2014

Complex decongestive therapy and taping for patients with postmastectomy lymphedema: A randomized controlled study.

Pop et al. 2014

The influence of Kinesiology Taping on the reduction of lymphoedema among women after mastectomy – preliminary study 

Smykla A et al. 2013

Effect of Kinesiology Taping on Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: A Randomized Single-Blind Controlled Pilot Study



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