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Workshop Details

Workshop Title: Posture Balance & Motion in Myrtle Beach
Speaker: Steven Weiniger
Start Date:6/22/2017 End Date: 6/23/2017
CEU Hours: 4
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC United States
Event: SCCA Convention 2017
Target Audience:
By integrating posture rehab exercise with other motion-based therapies, professionals systematically build an identity as a posture specialist. As evidence-based insurers increasingly demand active care plans, the StrongPosture protocols integrates active and passive care for improved results, compliance, referrals and retention. Attendees learn strategies for creating posture awareness, and then strengthening posture using balls and other low-tech tools in a PosturePractice model integrating active and passive therapies. The seminar covers action-steps to build the 3 dimensions of a PosturePractice: Consciousness to create postural awareness; Assessing standing posture and gait bio-mechanics; Benchmarking a structural baseline with annual posture pictures; Training posture-consciousness during activity and ADLs; Concepts for posture-centric communication; Why perfect posture is a myth; Assessment, PostureZones and Jandas Cross syndromes; The 3 Elements of Posture, and the 5 Posture Principles for teaching patient-friendly biomechanics;Control protocols to strengthen alignment and motion of the head, torso and pelvis; Individualized exercises train core muscle patterns and progress along 3 tracks: Balance, Alignment & Motion; Balls, bands, foam and other tools engage forgotten motion patterns, targeting weak kinetic links for pain relief,soft tissue rehab, improved function and performance. Posture is a consumer concern which will inevitably grow as boomers age and see their posture degenerate and hunch over. People get excited when they see improvement, and educating patients with customized daily posture exercise encourages personal responsibility, and heightens appreciation of the kinematic benefits of regular care to move, feel and be well. Want to take your practice to the next level? Get Certified!Patients and clients experience improved results and greater engagement with StrongPosture exercise programs. Becoming a CPEP is the common-sense next step for those looking to set the standard in strengthening posture for pain relief, rehab, wellness, sports performance and anti-aging. Take your patient/client practice to the next level with certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that acknowledges and promotes focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance, function and activity, while positioning you as the local posture specialist.    
Sponsor: Performance Health Institute
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