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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is the answer to your frequently-asked question:


Your question was: What resistance or force is produced by the bands and tubing?

Our experts said: Thera-Band® bands and tubing produce similar forces between similar colors. The force produced by bands and tubing is directly related to elongation. Each color will provide a specific amount of resistance at the same percent elongation, regardless of initial resting length. For example a 1-foot piece stretched to 2-feet (100% elongation) will have the same force as a 2-foot piece of the same color stretched to 4-feet. The force slowly increases as the band or tube is stretched. In general if you "double" the band or tube by using a loop for example, the resistance doubles as well. The Thera-Band loops produce the same force-elongation properties as 'doubled' band. TheraBand Resistance Progression