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85 Reference Articles Found

Key ProductKey FindingsBody PartInjury / DiseaseReference ArticleTotal Solution
Balance Boards Training on a wobble board after early moderate ankle sprains is effective in reducing residual symptoms.

Athletes suffering a recent moderate ankle sprain for 15 minutes per day for 12 weeks had fewer re-injuries and instability compared to a group that received standard care
Ankle, Lower Extremity Ankle Sprain, Instability Wester JU et al 1996  Wobble board training after partial sprains of lateral ligaments of the ankle: a prospective randomized study
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Biofreeze reduces blood flow similar to ice

Biofreeze can provide the same benefits of ice without its side effects
Upper Extremity Olive JL et al. 2010  Vascular conductance is reduced after menthol or cold application
TheraBand CLX Physical therapy patients prefer CLX over traditional band 96% of the time Tyler T et al. 2015  Usability, outcomes, and compliance of the Theraband CLX resistance band for home exercise during physical therapy (Abstract).
Stability Disc Instability training can increase trunk muscle activation for posture and spinal support

Performing squats on stability discs may provide a training adaptation of the trunk muscles
Abdominals/Trunk, Core, Lower Back/ Lumbar, Lower Extremity Anderson K, Behm DG 2005  Trunk muscle activity increases with unstable squat movements
Exercise Ball Exericse ball training combined with elastic band training improves balance in older adults

Exercise ball training is safe and effective for older adults
General Body, Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity Falls Fall Risk / Fear of Falling Rogers M. E. et al 2001  Training to reduce postural sway and increase functional reach in the elderly
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Biofreeze reduces blood flow earlier than ice Topp R, et al. 2013  Topical menthol, ice, peripheral blood flow, and perceived discomfort
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Biofreeze application was more effective than placebo in reducing post-manipulation soreness. Neck / Cervical Spine Neck Pain, Neck Sprain/Whiplash Topp R et al. 2017  Topical Menthol Gel Versus a Placebo Gel on Postmanipulation Pain and Range of Motion in Patients With Mechanical Neck Pain
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Biofreeze is as effective as ice for neck pain Neck / Cervical Spine Neck Pain, Neck Sprain/Whiplash Bishop BN et al. 2017  The short-term effects of 2 different cryotherapy methods on acute and subacute, noncomplicated, bilateral neck pain.
Balance Boards Neuromuscular exercise using Thera-Band stability products is effective for ACL reconstruction compared to traditional rehabilitation.

A neuromuscular exercise group using balance boards and foam pads significantly increased in function and pain compared to a strengthening group after ACL reconstruction,
Knee ACL Tear Risberg MA, Holm I. 2009   The long-term effect of 2 postoperative rehabilitation programs after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a randomized controlled clinical trial with 2 years of follow-up.
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Thera-Band tubing exercise improves knee pain Hip, Knee, Lower Extremity Knee (Patellofemoral) Pain Khayambashi et al. 2012  The Effects of Isolated Hip Abductor and External Rotator Muscle Strengthening on Pain, Health Status, and Hip Strength in Females With Patellofemoral Pain.
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Thera-Band reduced groin injuries in hockey players Hip, Lower Extremity, Thigh Groin Strain / Pain Tyler T. F. et al 2002  The effectiveness of a preseason exercise program to prevent adductor muscle strains in professional ice hockey players
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Pre-operative physical therapy with Thera-Band resistance improves balance & strength in ACL-deficient patients

Compared to a non-exercising control group, ACL-deficient patients improve motor function with a pre-operative home-based Thera-Band exercise program

Patients may avoid ACL reconstruction surgery
Knee ACL Tear Keays SL et al. 2006  The effectiveness of a pre-operative home-based physiotherapy programme for chronic anterior cruciate ligament deficiency
Stability Trainers Stability Trainer balance training reduces the incidence of noncontact inversion ankle sprains in football players with increased risk by 77%

The increased risk of a noncontact inversion ankle sprain associated with a high body mass index and a previous ankle sprain was eliminated by the balance training intervention.
Ankle, Lower Extremity Ankle Sprain McHugh MP et al 2007  The effectiveness of a balance training intervention in reducing the incidence of noncontact ankle sprains in high school football players
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Enhances recovery of total knee replacements

Thera-Band exercises before total knee replacement improves function compared to no pre-op training
Knee Knee Osteoarthritis, Total Knee Replacement Osteoarthritis Topp R et al. 2009  The effect of prehabilitation exercise on strength and functioning after total knee arthroplasty.
Kinesiology Tape Significantly better pain reduction and less medication with kinesiology tape

Acute lower back pain
Lower Back/ Lumbar Low Back Pain Kelle B et al 2016  The effect of Kinesio taping application for acute non-specific low back pain: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Biofreeze reduces pain in Knee osteoarthritis Knee Knee Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis Topp R, et al. 2013  The Effect of Either Topical Menthol or a Placebo on Functioning and Knee Pain Among Patients With Knee OA
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Thera-Band training improves function and reduces pain in knee osteoarthritis Knee, Lower Extremity Knee Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis Topp R. et al 2002  The effect of dynamic versus isometric resistance training on pain and functioning among adults with osteoarthritis of the knee
Balance Boards Balance board training reduces ankle injury and re-injury in athletes with a history of ankle sprains

The prospective randomized controlled study compared in-season balance board training for 36 weeeks in volleyball players.
Ankle, Knee, Lower Extremity Ankle Sprain, Knee Sprain Verhagen E, et al 2004  The effect of a proprioceptive balance board training program for the prevention of ankle sprains: a prospective controlled trial
Biofreeze® Topical Analgesic Summary of Biofreeze Clinical Outcomes Page P, Alexander L. 2017  The clinical effectiveness of Biofreeze® topical analgesic on musculoskeletal pain: a systematic review.
Exercise Ball Exercise ball with elastic resistance is better for abdominal crunches than an abdominal exercise machine Abdominals/Trunk, Hip Sundstrup, E. et al. 2012  Swiss ball abdominal crunch with added elastic resistance is an effective alternative to training machines.
Roller Massager Plus Roller Massager reduces DOMS Thigh DOMS Jay K, et al. 2014  Specific and cross over effects of massage for muscle soreness: randomized controlled trial.
Roller Massager Plus Thera-Band Roller Massager increases flexibility within 5-10 seconds without affecting performance Lower Back/ Lumbar, Lower Extremity, Thigh Sullivan KM, et al. 2013  Roller-massager application to the hamstrings increases sit-and-reach range of motion within five to ten seconds without performance impairments.
Roller Massager Plus Roller Massager increases flexibility without affecting performance Ankle, Calf, Lower Extremity Halperin I, et al. 2014  Roller massager improves range of motion of plantar flexor muscles without subsequent decreases in force parameters.
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Elastic resistance training is as effective as weighted pulley exercise Knee, Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity Lima FF et al 2018  Resistance Training using Low Cost Elastic Tubing is Equally Effective to Conventional Weight Machines in Middle-Aged to Older Healthy Adults: A Quasi-Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
TheraBand Elastic Resistance Demonstrated that Thera-Band resistance has a bell-shaped strength curve

The strength curve of elastic resistance is similar to isotonic dumbbells
Shoulder Hughes CJ, et al 1999  Resistance properties of Thera-Band® tubing during shoulder abduction exercise


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