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Foam Rollers and Roller Wraps

Pro Foam Roller with Wrap Product Image
The Thera-Band® Pro Foam Rollers used in conjunction with the patent-pending Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+ serve as a novel tool for hands-free myofascial release, deep tissue massage and stabilization exercises.

Designed to support varying degrees of tissue mobilization, the Thera-Band Foam Roller Wraps+ are available in four successive colors of progressive density - Yellow (X-Soft) providing extra cushion for more delicate patient populations through Blue (X-Firm) for advanced fascial mobilization. They can be used in-clinic, as part of a home exercise program or patient/client self-initiated wellness routine.

All Wraps are individually packaged with detailed color exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises and variations divided by muscle regions.


Title: Complete Management of the Weekend Warrior: Lower Quarter
Speaker: Jared Vagy
Start Date: 8/20/2016 End Date:8/20/2016 Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
Target Audience: PT, PTA, DPT
Title: Geriatric Posture & Performance
Speaker: John Wilson
Start Date: 8/20/2016 End Date:8/21/2016 Location: Chicago, IL United States
Target Audience: PT, ATC, OT, COTA, PTA, DPT
Title: Running Injuries- Examination, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Interventions
Speaker: Jeffery Taylo-Haas
Start Date: 9/17/2016 End Date:9/18/2016 Location: Somerset, NJ United States
Target Audience: PT, ATC, CSCS, CPT, OT, COTA, PTA, Physio, DPT, Sports Trainer, OTR/L