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Key study  Fernandez J et al. 2013. Effects of a 6-week junior tennis conditioning program on service velocity J Sports Sci Med 12:232-239.
Key study  Treiber FA et al 1998. Effects of Theraband and lightweight dumbbell training on shoulder rotation torque and serve performance in college tennis players Am J Sports Med 26(4):510-515
Akuthota V. et al 2004. Sports and performing arts medicine. 2. shoulder and elbow overuse injuries in sports Arch Phys Med Rehabil 85(1):S52-58
Behm DG 1988. Surgical tubing for sport and velocity specific training NSCA Journal 10(4):66-70
Brady et al. 2015. The Use of Dynamic Taping in the WTA Training Room J Med Sci Tennis 20(2);76-79.
Davies GJ, et al 2002. Powering up Biomechanics 9(9):19-28
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Ellenbecker TS, et al. 2009. Common injuries in tennis players: exercises to address muscular imbalances and reduce injury risk. Strength Condition J 31(4):50-58.
Ellenbecker TS, et al. 2012. Current concepts in examination of treatment of elbow tendon injury Sports Health. 5(2):186-94.
Ellenbecker TS, Roetert EP 2004 . An isokinetic profile of trunk rotation strength in elite tennis players Med Sci Sports Exerc 36(11):1959-63
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Naranjo E, Rodriguez-Fernandez AL 2014. Kinesio taping method immediately improves unipedal standing balance in healthy senior sportsmen [Spanish] Fisioterapia 36(2):58-64
Niederbracht Y et al. 2006. Muscular Fatigue of the Shoulder Rotator Muscles Prior To and After an Endurance Based Strength Training Program (Abstract) Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 38(5) Supplement May:S286
Niederbracht Y, et al. 2008. Effects of a shoulder injury prevention strength training program on eccentric external rotator muscle strength and glenohumeral joint imbalance in female overhead activity athletes. J Strength Condition Res 22(1):140-5.
Page P. 2010. Understanding tennis elbow and how to treat it. Active Aging Today 2(3). Available online at
Pas HIMFL et al 2018. Systematic development of a tennis injury prevention programme. BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med 4(1):e000350
Plancher KD et al 1995. Rehabilitation of the shoulder in tennis players Clin Sports Med 14(1):111-137
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