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Thera-Band® Academy Supported Research Policy

Updated May 2016

The Performance Health Academy supports research projects around the world. Please review our product-supported research policies and procedures below closely before submitting an application.

All product-supported research must investigate outcomes directly related to Performance Health products including TheraBand®, Biofreeze®, or Cramer® products. Special preference will be given to studies that investigate the research initiatives supporting product utilization.

1. Investigators must conform to Federal Drug Adminstration (FDA) guidelines for company-sponsored research:

  • Research support (product or monetary) will only be provided to studies on outcomes covered under FDA guidelines. All studies will be ‘adequately designed and conducted.’ In certain circumstances, research may be supported outside of the guidelines, but such information generated cannot be used outside of the guidelines.
  • Researchers should first review our Guidelines for Supported Research. Any research cited or provided for reprints must first conform to the “on-label” guidelines .
  • Clinical trials must be registered with prior to support (except Phase I and small feasibility trials). The investigator will be the responsible party for complying with the requirements of

2. Prospective researchers must submit the following:

2. All supported research MUST have evidence of approval (ie letter from IRB, etc) by an institutional review board (IRB).

3. The proposal will be reviewed by Performance Health and its representatives. A response will be returned to the investigators within 2 weeks with suggestions and questions.

4. By submitting a proposal, investigators give permission to Performance Health to use project information on the Academy website and in other materials.

5. Once the study has begun, the researcher is requested to maintain contact with Performance Health on a semi-annual basis. Regular updates will be requested via email or website submission.

6. In return for support, Performance Health requests that the investigators submit their findings via email to Performance Health at the end of the study in abstract form, as well as a reprint of all articles and presentations generated by the supported research (including appropriate citations).

7. Investigators should disclose the donation of free products from Performance Health in the study

8. Investigators are encouraged to specify the use of the particular product by brand name within the methods of the study. For example, the proper use of the trademark is TheraBand® product*, ie., TheraBand® Elastic Bands; do not use TheraBand® as a noun, such as "Therabands".  Depending on the publication, it's recommended to refer to specific products used in research studies with their source so others can repeat the methods; for example: TheraBand® elastic bands (Performance Health , Akron, Ohio)

*Refer to for specific product brands and names. 

All questions regarding research projects should be directed to Phil Page PhD, PT, Director of Clinical Education and Research.

Links for Researchers:
On-Line Research Application Form