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Key study indicates Key Reseach

Key study  Colado JC, et al. 2010. A comparison of elastic tubing and isotonic resistance exercises Int J Sports Med 31(11):810-7
Key study  Fritz NB et al 2018. Positive Effects of a Short-Term Intense Elastic Resistance Training Program on Body Composition and Physical Functioning in Overweight Older Women Biol Res Nurs. 20(3):321-334.
Key study  Imai A et al. 2017. Effect of a concurrent well-rounded exercise training using a floor-based exercise station in older women Int J Sport Health Sci 15:168-78
Key study  Israetel MA et al. 2010. Kinetic and kinematic differences between squats performed with and without elastic bands. J Strength Cond Res. 24(1):190-4.
Borreani S, et al. 2014. Exercise intensity progression for exercises performed on unstable and stable platforms based on ankle muscle activation Gait & Posture 39(1):404-9
Calatayud J et al. 2015. Core muscle activity in a series of balance exercises with different stability conditions. Gait Posture 42:186-92
Colado JC 2010. Effects of a short tterm resistance program on strength in fit young women using weight machines/free weights or elastic bands Proceedings of the 12th Annual Thera-Band® Research Advisory Committee July 19-21, 2010. Athens, Greece. p 11.
Colado JC et al 2016. Effects of a long-term resistance training program with different intensities and devices on fitness, body composition, cardiometabolic risk, immune system, and wellbeing of older adults (Abstract). J Performance Health 1(1):14-15
Gargallo P et al. 2014. Elastic tubing and free weights achieved comparable improvements in pre and post menopausal women Proceedings of the 16th TRAC meeting. Park City Utah. August 6-8, 2014. p. 12
Imai A, et al. 2011. Intensity of circuit training in community-dwelling older adults using the Thera-Band Exercise Station. (Abstract). Med Sci Sports Exerc. 43(5):S356.
Labbe A, Page P. 2011. Muscle activation during squat exercise using the Thera-Band Exercise Station Proceedings of the 13th annual TRAC Meeting. July 22-24, 2011. San Francisco. Page 5
Martin J et al. 2012. Progression of core muscle activation during the performance of exercises with different types of stability Proceedings of the 14th Annual TRAC Meeting St. John's, Newfoundland. Page 32.
Martin J et al. 2012. Progression Of Core Muscle Activation During The Performance Of Exercises With Different Types Of Stability (Abstract) Med Sci Sports Exerc 44(5):1859
Rogers et al. 2010. Effect of concurrent aerobic and resistance circuit exercise training using the Thera-Band® Exercise Station in older adults Proceedings of the 12th Annual Thera-Band® Research Advisory Committee July 19-21, 2010. Athens, Greece. p 11.
Rogers NL et al 2015. Effects Of Training With Different Elastic Devices On Dynamic And Isometric Strength In Older Adults (Abstract) Med Sci Sports Exerc 47(5S):937
Rogers, et al. 2011. Response to circuit exercise training using the Thera-Band Exercise Station in Older Adults. (Abstract). Med Sci Sports Exerc 43(5):S356


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