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Thera-Band Resources: Educational Product

Product : TheraBand Elastic Resistance
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Educational Product Title
Short Description
This book, written by researcher Dr. Anna Schwartz outlines a specific, evidence-based exercise program using Thera-Band resistance bands for cancer patients.
This companion guide to Hip School provides individuals with hip osteoarthritis or surgery with a specific exercise program.
The Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation has several excellent exercise videos for persons with FM. The scientifically-based program uses Thera-Band® elastic resistance, Stability Trainers and Exercise Balls
In this new edition, Strength Band Training shows you how to maximize strength, speed, and power in the gym, at home, or on the road. With more than 160 exercises and predefined fitness and sport-specific workouts, the book shows you why strength bands are the ultimate tool for targeting, isolating, and developing every major muscle group.