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CLX Ankle Dorsiflexion-Eversion Strengthens ankle muscles important for preventing inversion sprain. Play Video 3
CLX Front Squat - Russian Squat Strengthens legs, including knees and hips. Also strengthens lower back. A great whole-body exercise. Loops help stablize CLX under feet. Play Video 1
CLX Hip Quick Kick Strengthens gluteal muscles on kicking leg and on stance leg. Great for balance training and strengthening. Loops make attachment easy. Play Video 1
CLX Lateral Lunge Strengthens the legs and hips in a functional lateral movement. Play Video 0
Rehab Station Ankle Dorsiflexion on Ball   0
Rehab Station Ankle Eversion on Ball   0
Rehab Station Ankle Inversion on Ball   0
Rehab Station Calf Raise on Stability Trainer   0
Roller Massager+ Neutral Lower Calf Release Self-release of the soleus muscle; neutral position 0
Roller Massager+ Shortened Lower Calf Release Self-release of the soleus muscle; shortened position 0


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