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Thera-Band Resources: FAQ

Product : Rehab and Wellness Station
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FAQ Title
Short Description
Can I exercise the same muscle with elastic resistance on consecutive days?
Can I install the wall-mounted unit myself?
Can patients purchase a Wall Station for personal use?
Do I have to use the tubing included with the Wall Station/ Rehab & Wellness Station?
Do you offer workshops for professionals to learn more about your Rehab & Wellness Station?
Does the Rehab & Wellness Station come with exercises and protocols?
Does the Rehab & Wellness Station require a special type of flooring for optimal use?
How do I incorporate the floor unit with the Rehab & Wellness Station?
How do I order replacement accessories or tubing?
How do I transition patients from a clinic-based to a home-based exercise program?
How many individual lengths of tubing can I attach to the wall unit?
How many levels of tubing are included with the Rehab & Wellness Station?
How much does the Rehab & Wellness Station cost?
How much force is produced by the tubing?
How much space is required for the Rehab & Wellness Station?
Is the Wall Station covered by a warranty?
Is there another website with more information on the Rehab & Wellness Station?
What’s the difference between the Wall Station and pulley machines?
What does your system offer that other wall-mounted systems don’t?
What accessories are included with the Rehab & Wellness Station?
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