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Thera-Band Lower Trapezius Retraction and Depression This vector exercise activates the lower trapezius and inhibits the upper trapezius 0
TheraBand Shoulder Horizontal Abduction Standing Older Adult Older Adult. Horizontal Abduction strengthens the upper back muscles and scapular muscles. Helps improve posture. 5
Thera-Band Tubing Abdominal crunch on Exercise Ball Strengthens the core and abdominals. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Ankle Dorsiflexion Strengthens the anterior tibialis muscle of the shin. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Ankle Plantarflexion Strengthens the gastroc (calf) muscle. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Bent-over Row Strengthens the posterior shoulder and upper back. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation Strengthens the posterior shoulder and rotator cuff. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Calf Raise Strengthens the gastroc (calf) muscle. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Chest Press Strengthens the chest and front shoulder. 0
Thera-Band Tubing Diagonal Chopping This is a functional exercise for the upper body and trunk. 1


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