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Thera-Band FlexBar / Stability Trainer Single Leg Stance Oscillation Challenges balance and strengthens the upper extremity muscles and the scapular stabilizers. 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Big Toe Stretch Stretches bottom of the foot (plantar fascia) 1
Thera-Band FlexBar Elbow Flexion Mob Mobilizes elbow flexion 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Foot Plantar Massage Self-release of the foot (plantar fascia) 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Forearm Release Self-release and massage of the wrist and finger flexors 1
Thera-Band FlexBar Hand / Finger Extension Mob Stretches finger flexors and mobilizes finger extension 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Hand / Finger Flexion Mob : Mobilizes finger flexion 1
Thera-Band FlexBar Hand Grip Jar Opening Strengthens forearm, wrist and hand muscles 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Hand Massage Self-release and massage of the wrist and finger flexors 0
Thera-Band FlexBar Hand Oscillation Strengthens hand, wrist and forearm muscles 2


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